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“When Fred and I married, his family chiropractor was a man by the name of Smith. I never knew his first name, he was always “Dr. Smith”. Dr. Smith was a man of exceptional professional skill, and I called him the man with the magic hands. His ability to get us back on our feet was nothing short of amazing. Unfortunately he passed away about two years later, and we waited for another 22 years for a chiropractor of his caliber to set up practice. Dr. Battistoni is that chiropractor.”

The Davis family, Lee, Fred and Shawn

"After my back surgery I didn’t have pain down my leg anymore and the sharp pain in my lower back was gone. But I still had constant aching pain and I was stiffer than ever. Dr. Battistoni is the only one that could make the pain go away.”
Carol B.
"My neck bothered me for years and I wouldn't let anyone touch it. Dr. Battistoni explained what the problem was and fixed it. I'm sorry I waited so long."
Kathy K.

National Athletes Use Chiropractic

Usain BoltWhat’s Usain Bolt’s secret to being the fastest man alive? One of them is Chiropractic. Several Olympic athletes receive Chiropractic adjustments on a regular basis. So when watching the Olympics notice how many talk about Chiropractor or who are adjusted on TV, just like Usain Bolt!

The photo of Usain Bolt was taken at the 2012 London Summer Olympics.


Dan O'Brien:
"If it were not for Chiropractic, I would not have won the gold medal."



ArnoldArnold Schwarzenegger:


"Let me tell you there is no better profession than chiropractic. Chiropractic is about health and fitness. Chiropractic is about natural, preventative health care. What you are doing, and I have experienced this for the last 30 years on my own body, means that whenever I have a problem- or even if I don't have a problem- and I go to a chiropractor, my problems are gone for a long time. I am very fortunate to have, so-to-speak, my in-house chiropractor, Dr. Franco Columbo, as my own personal chiropractor. So I visit Franco regularly, and he comes over to my house. He adjusts my wife, my kids, me, everybody gets an adjustment. And we feel always great when Franco leaves. Even when I have athletic injuries he's always there for me and helps me. You chiropractic doctors are really miracle workers."


Evander Holyfield:


"I do believe in chiropractic. I found that going to my chiropractor three times a week helps my performance. Once I drove 20 miles to see a chiropractor before a fight. I have to have my adjustment before I get into the ring."


Joe Montana:


"I only wish I had tried chiropractic a few years ago when I first started having back pain and maybe surgery would never have happened. I feel it helps me recover sooner and prevent injuries. It's about prevention so your body can function at optimum health."


Tiger WoodsTiger Woods:


"Being a chiropractic patient has really helped me a lot. When I was in a growth spurt, my back became very sore, and I was weak. My chiropractor really helped me. Not only did he adjust my spine, he also gave me strengthening exercises to do. If you are tall and gangly like I am, or play sports, I would recommend chiropractic."


Bill Romanowski (Denver Broncos):


"It does a great job with extremity adjustments and that really turned me on to chiropractic-feet, ankles, hip, back. I guess I always thought chiropractic was limited to the neck and lower back."


Barry Bonds:


"I think it should be mandatory for athletes to see a chiropractor. I go on a regular basis, because I want to prolong my career as long as possible. I see the doctor once a week, in between my training. By getting an adjustment once a week, I feel I can sustain my career a lot longer."


Wade Boggs:


"Chiropractic is a sensitive subject with orthopedic doctors and trainers, because if it ain't torn or broken then there's nothing wrong. But when you invest millions and millions of dollars in players, you owe it to yourself to at least look at it."


Ivan Lendl:


"I feel that chiropractic adjustments help to prevent injury, and speak out forcefully in favor of chiropractic. I support chiropractic care very much. I think it is great for sports. I think it is great for anyone."


Chris Carter (Minnesota Vikings):


"[Chiropractic] has really helped me to keep my body in line and to help my body recover."